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DJI Flight Simulator FAQs

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Software #

DJI Flight Simulator is a training software for DJI drone operation. Using a keyboard or DJI remote controller supported by the simulator.

It only supports the Win10 64-bit operating system.

Minimum System requirements: Processor:
G4560; Graphics: GTX 1050 Ti; Memory: 16GB RAM; HDD: 80GB Free

Recommended System requirements: Processor:
i5-6400; Graphics: GTX 1060 or GTX 1070; Memory: 16GB RAM; HDD: SSD+80GB Free

Optimal System requirements:
Processor: i7-7700; Graphics: GTX 1080 Ti; Memory: 32GB RAM; HDD: SSD+80GB Free

Phantom 4’s, Phantom 4 Advance’s, Phantom 4 Pro’s, Phantom 4 Pro V2.0’s, Lightbridge 2, Matrice 600 Pro’s, and Mavic Air’s remote controller.

Use a USB cable to connect the remote controller’s Micro USB port to the PC’s USB port. For the Phantom 4 series’, Matrice 600 Pro’s and Lightbridge 2’s remote controller, its port is on the back of the remote controller. For the Mavic Air, the port is on the left side of the remote controller.

No. There is no dependency between the remote control used and the aircraft in the software.

Yes. Connect the HDMI port on the DJI Goggles to the HDMI port on the PC. (Headtracking is not supported by the Flight Simulator.)

No, if the customers do not have a DJI account, then they need to register their account first before logging in.

Yes, but it can only log in to one computer at a time.

Updated on May 4, 2023
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