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TerraScan: Localization for Surveyors

Localization for Surveyors

This is to transform point cloud data from State Plane to localized ground coordinates. Raw point cloud was processed prior to the video in DJI Terra.


  1. Either create new drone project or read in points into TerraScan (for this video and demonstration purposes I read in the points without creating a project)
  2. The localized ground control points are referenced in this DGN (red point features)
  3. In the TerraScan toolbar, click Scan Settings
    • Click Coordinate transformations -> Transformations -> Add
    • Enter the combined adjustment factor for the Mutliply by X and Y
    • Next, click Tools in the TerraScan menu bar and choose Transform loaded points
    • In the Transform dropdown, choose the linear transformation previously created and click OK to localize the point cloud.
  4. Targets will now align with the localized ground control points

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