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TerraModeler: Contour Level Settings

Contour Level Settings

TerraModeler version 023.006 and newer
Feature Details

Display Contours tool draws contour lines for a surface model. You can generate quick contours which are suitable for verifying the surface model or higher-quality contours to be plotted on paper. The tool can also be used to save a contour settings file that is required for producing contour lines automatically in a batch process. The settings file stores all information related to contour lines, labels, and ticks, except the name of the surface model.


  1. Create surface model (this surface model was created using 50ft grid points and DTM feature extraction prior to filming)
  2. Visit: TModel toolbar > Display Shaded Surface
  3. Visit: TModel toolbar > Display Contours
    • Mode: Write to File
    • Enter preferred contour increments (we used 1ft/5ft in this example)

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