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Paintlines in Pointclouds

Paintlines in Pointclouds

Leverage the power of macros in TerraScan to detect and display paint lines on paved roads, in this BAAM.Tip we show you how and provide instructions to set up your macro!


  1. Create a polygon around the road you are needing to find the paint lines on so you can have those ground points classified to paved road.
  2. Change your view to intensity and activate the histogram within the view dialog box. Within the point cloud you want to identify the lowest and highest intensities on the paint lines. You will need these values when creating your macro.
  3. When creating the macro you will classify points to another class temporarily, and then classify points to your paint lines level using by intensity. Then the temporary class used for your road will then be classified back to your road level.
  4. After the macro is created and saved you can then use the find paint lines tool on the tool bar for any other project.

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