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Draw Sign Visibility (MLS)

Draw Sign Visibility (MLS)

The Draw Sign Visibility tool in TerraScan gives users the ability to to display the obstructed and unobstructed viewpoints of a street sign. Follow along to learn more about the Draw Sign Visibility tool in TerraScan.


  1. Draw a drive path for your vehicle. This should be in the center of the lane you are wanting to observe, and drape the line to the ground or hard surface level.
  2. Find and draw a line with at least 3 vertices on the sign you are looking to check the visibility on.
  3. Select the drive path and open the Draw Sign Visibility menu. Select the point type and class you wish to use while the tool runs.
  4. Select the sign then data click within the point cloud and the tool will begin to run.
  5. After the tool as run you will have points drawn onto the drive line showing the unobstructed spots.

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